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My Acting and VO Experience

My experience in the Voice Over world began back in 2000 when I worked at a local TV in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Since then I have been working on projects for clients such as Microsoft, Audi, Expedia, Lycamobile, Playstation, Epson, Advitel, Shell, Avon, Molton Coors and many more. 

I have done some business presentations in my previous and current work in front of a small and large number of people.  

In 2006 I played in a short movie called “Talking to Marcus”, and my role was the one of the protagonist Ivana. The movie was Directed by Carla di Bonito. 

I have a number of years of experience on stage - drama and with puppets. I have played the piano for 10 years and performed for a number of years with a large choir. 


My Training

I have been training based on the Stanislavski method, and am inspired by the books “On the technique of acting” by Michael Chekhov and “The Power of the Actor” by Ivana Chubbuck, techniques which I use in my acting.

City Lit, London, UK (June 2011) 

• Working in Voice-Overs 

City Lit, London, UK (March 2011) 

• Storytelling 

Gary Terzza VoMasterClass (Feb 2011) 

City Lit, London, UK (2007) 

• The Actor’s Voice 

• Technical Voice Production 

• Clear Speech 

Studio Free Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria (Oct 2003 – Jul 2004) 

• Obtained a certificate after attending drama classes at the Free Theatre and took part in a number of plays on stage. The theatre is directed by Peter Varbanov and Vesselin Kalanovski 

City Puppets Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria (Sep 1989 – Jun 1994) 

• Performing with marionettes. Performing in Bulgaria and abroad, in the theatres, in nurseries, pre schools and clubs 

Lubomir Pipkov School, Sofia, Bulgaria (Sep 1982 – Jun 1992) 

• Playing the piano, taking singing classes and performing with a large choir